Product Details

Product Details

Environmental Impact –Operations

Significant reductions in energy usage continue to reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing and distribution facilities. More than a 63% reduction in electricity continues following the replacement of fluorescent with LED lights at all locations and the rebuilding of capacitation banks to improve the power factor from the mid-80s to 93% or above. Oil-free compressors with energy-efficient technology replaced older equipment, thus reducing the consumption of fossil fuel products and also reducing energy consumption, which further reduces carbon footprint. Installation of sonic air listening devices enables the facility to locate and repair air leaks, also reducing energy consumption. These changes reduced our electrical profile and our costs from a “Large” to “General Time of Use” customer of Entergy. Our environmental footprint was further reduced by the elimination of 150 truckloads of purchased cores for our cling film. These film cores are now made internally by our plant with 100% recycled paperboard.

Nature’s Best

Watch for the “Nature’s Best” trademark on products that include post-consumer recycled RPET for cold foods and for packages with natural mineral additives reducing the use of PP resin by 40% for use with hot or cold foods.

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According to the EPA, REUSE and REDUCE are the reduce reuse recycle pyramid most preferred methods of waste management.

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Social Responsibility


Throughout our history, Anchor Packaging has sought to achieve our business objectives while at the same time acting as a good corporate citizen in all communities, and across the elements of our supply chain that we have been able to directly influence. It is the intention of Anchor Packaging to continue to be a good corporate citizen. The definition of what good corporate citizenship entails have been evolving, and it is our intention to continue to evolve our business practices as society’s needs evolve.


Recent years have seen the growth of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. While neither of these is a new concept, the importance of these to effective business operations has been demonstrated from the perspective of enhancing business performance. Conversely, where a company fails to demonstrate these principles in action, adverse public reaction has ensued.


We are an ethical company dedicated to ensuring that we use only those resources required to achieve our legitimate business objectives while doing what we can to conserve existing natural resources, to ensure that there will be sufficient resources for future generations.


It is the responsibility of each employee of the company to ensure that these principles are upheld across our business operations and commercial relationships. While we are proud of our heritage and confident that we embody these principles in our business practices, this policy statement has been developed to provide clear guidance in understanding our obligations and expectations. This policy statement is in effect on the date of this document and is applicable to all company divisions and our commercial relationships with all suppliers and customers.