All Packages are FDA-Approved, Kosher-Approved, PFAS-free, BPA-free, and Recyclable.

Serving hot prepared meals safely is more important than ever before. The right packaging solution will provide students with safe and satisfying meals and support smooth and efficient operations for your foodservice staff.

Support Foodservice Operations:

  • Safe up to 230°F in warming units, under heat lamps, and in microwaves. Food can be prepared in advance while maintaining quality.
  • Clear, anti-fog lids provide excellent food visibility. Staff can eliminate serving errors and keep food safe after packaging.
  • Multi and single-compartment designs assist in managing portion control and food costs.

Make Meals Safe and Convenient:

  • Maintain taste, temperature, and food presentation between packaging and serving.
  • Easy-to-handle sizes designed for grab & go add convenient portability to support meals in the classroom, lunchroom, or outside.
  • Secure, leak-resistant closures eliminate messy spills and reduce food waste.

Anchor Packaging containers are produced domestically in BRC-certified, food-safe facilities and available through an extensive network of distributors. All polypropylene (PP) packages work in both hot or cold applications, are FDA-approved, and Kosher-approved. Additionally, all packages are PFAS-free, BPA-free, and recyclable.

Pre-Packaged Hot Meals and Sides. Cold Sandwiches Too!

*Cold Food Only; RPET: Post-Consumer Recycled PETE